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How to Unclog a Drain: Top Tips from Your Local Drain Cleaning Experts

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How to Unclog a Drain: Top Tips from Your Local Drain Cleaning Experts in Ogden, UT

Clogged drains can quickly turn into a major headache, but fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’re sharing top tips and techniques from your trusted local drain cleaning experts in Ogden, UT. Whether you’re dealing with a blocked sink, a stubborn shower drain, or a backed-up toilet in Ogden, UT, we’ve got you covered. Our team at Rhino Rooter has seen it all and is here to provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to tackle drain clogs effectively. From DIY methods to preventive measures, we’ll cover it all. Say goodbye to drainage issues and hello to smooth-flowing plumbing. Let’s get started!

If you ever face a plumbing challenge that requires professional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your local drain cleaning experts are here to help – contact Rhino Rooter today for professional drain cleaning services in Ogden, UT!

How to Unclog a Sink, Tub, or Shower Drain With a Plunger

Clogged drains can be a real inconvenience, but there’s no need to stress. You can take matters into your own hands and unclog sinks, tubs, or shower drains with a simple and effective tool – the plunger. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn how to tackle those stubborn clogs yourself.

Sink or Toilet Plunger

Plungers are versatile tools that can come to the rescue when dealing with common drain clogs in sinks, tubs, or showers. Whether you’re facing a stubborn, kitchen sink drain blockage or a slow-draining bathroom sink, having the right plunger and using it correctly can make a significant difference.

Sink Plunger

Sink plungers, also known as cup plungers, are typically used for flat surfaces like kitchen sinks. They have a flat, rubber cup that provides a strong seal over the drain opening. Here’s how to use a sink plunger effectively:

  1. Fill the Sink: Ensure there’s enough water in the sink to cover the rubber cup of the plunger.
  2. Position the Plunger: Place the sink plunger over the drain opening, ensuring it forms a tight seal.
  3. Apply Firm Pressure: Push and pull the plunger up and down vigorously, maintaining the seal. The suction created should help dislodge the clog.
  4. Repeat if Necessary: If the water starts to drain, continue plunging for a minute to ensure the clog is completely cleared.

Toilet Plunger

Toilet plungers, or flange plungers, are specially designed for toilet bowls. They have an extra piece, a flange, that extends down into the drain opening. This added feature helps create a strong seal and extra force for unclogging toilets. Here’s how to use a toilet plunger:

  1. Create a Seal: Ensure the flange is extended. Place the toilet plunger in the toilet bowl, covering the drain hole completely.
  2. Apply Pressure: Push down on the plunger handle firmly and evenly to create suction. Then, pull up quickly without breaking the seal. Repeat this motion several times.
  3. Check for Success: If the water starts to flow, you’ve likely cleared the clog. Flush the toilet to confirm.

Remember to use the appropriate plunger for the job and follow these steps carefully to avoid damaging your plumbing fixtures. If plunging doesn’t resolve the issue or you encounter frequent clogs, it may be time to seek professional drain cleaning services in Ogden, UT. At Rhino Rooter, we’re always ready to assist you with any drain-related concerns. Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice and assistance.

Make a Homemade Drain Cleaner using Baking Soda and Vinegar

When it comes to unclogging drains, sometimes the most natural solution is can be found right in your kitchen pantry. Homemade drain cleaners are not only effective but also eco-friendly. Here’s a simple recipe to create your DIY drain cleaner:


  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • Boiling water


  1. Start by pouring the baking soda down the clogged drain.
  2. Follow it up with the white vinegar. You’ll notice a fizzing reaction, which is a good sign – it means the ingredients are working to break down the clog.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit for about 15-20 minutes to let it work its magic.
  4. Finally, carefully pour boiling water down the drain to flush away the clog and any remaining residue.

This homemade drain cleaner is particularly effective for minor clogs caused by grease, or dish soap, scum, or organic matter. However, keep in mind that it may not be sufficient for more stubborn blockages. In such cases, you may need to explore other methods or contact your local drain cleaning experts in Ogden, UT for professional assistance.

If the above techniques haven’t quite worked for you, try dissolving a blockage with boiling water.

When dealing with a stubborn drain clog, sometimes simplicity is the key. If the previous techniques haven’t completely cleared the drain blockage yet, you can attempt to dissolve it using boiling water. Here’s how:


  1. Boil a kettle or pot of water. Ensure you have enough water to pour down the drain without overflowing.
  2. Carefully and slowly pour the boiling water directly into the drain.
  3. Let the boiling water work its way down the drain for a few moments. It will help melt away and dislodge grease, soap scum, and some minor clogs.
  4. If you have a double sink, consider blocking the unclogged drain with a stopper or cloth to maximize the force of the boiling water on the clog.
  5. After pouring the water, wait for a few minutes to see if the clog clears. If it doesn’t, you may need to repeat the process.

This method is particularly effective for addressing clogs in water drains caused by grease and soap residue. However, exercise caution when handling boiling water to prevent burns or scalds. If the clog persists, it’s advisable to contact your local drain cleaning experts for professional assistance.

Try a Clog-Busting Household Cleaner

When you’re faced with a drain clog, another one of the first solutions to consider is using a clog-busting household cleaner. These cleaners are readily available at most stores and can help dissolve minor clogs and keep your drains running smoothly. Here’s how to use them effectively:


  1. Read the instructions on the product label carefully, as different cleaners may have specific usage guidelines.
  2. Typically, you’ll need to measure the recommended amount of the cleaner.
  3. Pour the cleaner directly into the clogged drain.
  4. Allow the product to sit for the specified amount of time. This will vary depending on the cleaner you’re using.
  5. After the designated time has passed, flush the drain with hot water to help clear away the dissolved clog and residues.

Household cleaners are designed to tackle common clogs caused by soap scum, hair, grease, and other organic materials. They are a convenient option for minor clogs and can also be used regularly for drain maintenance. However, exercise caution and follow safety instructions when using any chemical-based cleaner.

Liquid Drain Cleaner

Liquid drain cleaners are another option for addressing drain clogs, particularly those caused by organic matter and soap scum. These products contain chemicals that can break down clogs and clear your drain pipes out. Here’s how to use liquid drain cleaner effectively:


  1. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the product label. Different brands may have different usage guidelines.
  2. Typically, you’ll need to measure the recommended amount of the liquid drain cleaner.
  3. Pour the liquid directly into the clogged drain.
  4. Allow the product to work on the clog for the specified amount of time, as indicated on the label.
  5. After the waiting period, flush the drain with hot water to help remove the dissolved clog and any remaining residues.

Liquid drain cleaners are a quick and convenient option for addressing minor clogs, but it’s important to use them with caution. Ensure proper ventilation in the area, avoid contact with your skin and eyes, and keep these products out of reach of children and pets. If the clog persists or if you have concerns about using chemical cleaners, consider contacting your local drain cleaning experts for professional assistance.

Cleaning Tough Drain Clogs

Sometimes, drain clogs can be more stubborn and require additional tools to clear. When you’re facing a tough clog, consider these methods that can help you effectively clean your drains:

Unclog a Sink Drain With a Drain Snake Hair Remover Tool

Sink drains often become clogged with hair, soap scum, food particles and debris. To tackle this common issue, you can use a hair remover tool, also known as a drain cleaning tool or snake. Here’s how to use it:


  1. Begin by removing the sink stopper or drain cover to access the drain opening.
  2. Insert the hair remover tool into the drain and push it gently.
  3. Rotate the tool and push it further into the drain to hook onto the clog.
  4. Slowly pull the tool out, bringing the clog with it.
  5. Dispose of the removed clog properly.
  6. Run hot water down the drain to ensure it’s clear and flowing smoothly.

Hair remover tools are specifically designed to catch and remove hair clogs, making them an effective solution for bathroom sink drains.

Unclog a Drain With an Auger

When you’re dealing with a more stubborn clog that can’t be easily reached with a hair remover tool, using a drain auger can be a practical choice. Here’s how to use an auger effectively:


  1. Feed the auger cable into the drain slowly while turning the handle clockwise.
  2. Continue to advance the cable until you encounter resistance, which indicates the clog.
  3. Rotate the handle in the opposite direction (counterclockwise) to break up the clog or hook onto it.
  4. Once you’ve successfully engaged the clog, carefully withdraw the auger while maintaining tension on the cable.
  5. Dispose of the removed clog properly.
  6. Flush the drain with hot water to ensure it’s clear and flowing freely.

Augers are versatile tools that can reach deep into the pipes to tackle tougher clogs, making them suitable for clogged kitchen sink and bathroom drains. However, it’s essential to use them carefully to avoid damaging the pipes. If you’re unsure about using a drain auger or if the clog remains unresolved, don’t hesitate to contact your local drain cleaning experts for professional assistance.

Fix A Clogged Drain by Cleaning the Trap

If you’ve tried the previous methods and your drain is still clogged, it’s time to check the trap. The trap is a curved section of the drain pipe located beneath the sink or fixture. It’s designed to hold water to prevent sewer gases from entering your home. However, it can also trap debris and become clogged. Here’s how to clean it:


  1. Place a bucket or container beneath the trap to catch any water or debris that may spill out.
  2. Use a pipe wrench or pliers to loosen and remove the slip nuts or connectors on both ends of the trap. Be prepared for some water to drain out.
  3. Carefully remove the trap and inspect it for clogs. Often, you’ll find a collection of hair, soap scum, and other debris.
  4. Clean the trap thoroughly using a brush, pipe cleaner, or a straightened wire hanger. Ensure it’s completely clear of obstructions.
  5. Reassemble the trap by tightening the slip nuts or connectors securely. Make sure the trap is aligned correctly.
  6. Run hot water down the drain to test if the clog is cleared. If the water flows smoothly, the job is complete.

Cleaning the trap is an effective way to remove clogs caused by debris accumulation. However, if the clog persists, you may need to explore other options or seek professional help.

When to Call Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Ogden, UT

While DIY methods can effectively address many drain clogs, there are situations where it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. Here are some signs that it’s time to call your local drain cleaning experts at Rhino Rooter:

  1. Recurring Clogs: If you find yourself dealing with frequent drain clogs in the same location, it could indicate a more significant issue within your plumbing system. A professional assessment can identify and address the root cause.
  2. Slow-Draining Fixtures: When multiple fixtures in your home, such as sinks, tubs, or toilets, are draining slowly simultaneously, it might indicate a blockage in the main sewer line. This requires specialized equipment and expertise to diagnose and resolve.
  3. Foul Odors: Persistent foul odors coming from your drains could be a sign of a sewer line issue or a dry P-trap. Professionals can identify the source of the odor and take appropriate measures.
  4. Gurgling Noises: Unusual gurgling or bubbling noises from your drains could indicate air or water pressure issues within your plumbing system. These symptoms may signal the need for professional inspection and repair.
  5. Complete Blockages: When a drain is completely blocked and none of the DIY methods have been successful, it’s time to call in the experts. Attempting to force a blockage may lead to pipe damage.
  6. Older Plumbing Systems: If you have an older home with aging plumbing systems, it’s advisable to have periodic professional inspections to prevent potential issues.

When faced with these signs or any drain-related concerns you’re unsure about, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rhino Rooter for expert assistance. Our team of experienced drain cleaning experts in Ogden, UT has the knowledge, tools, and expertise to diagnose and resolve even the most stubborn drain clogs and plumbing issues. Don’t let drain problems disrupt your daily life; contact Rhino Rooter today for reliable solutions.


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