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The Importance of Rooter Service

Ogden, Utah Roto Rooter Service

Owning a home has both its ups and downs.  You have something that is yours that you take pride in, but it also comes with a lot of expenses; some you may not think of often.  As a homeowner, you want to keep your home in good working order and you want to maintain it in the most cost-effective ways possible.

One such expense that can really put a dent in your wallet is plumbing issues.  You may not think much about your drains or plumbing until you notice slow drainage or a clog.  However, it is very important to take care of your drains routinely.  One way to ensure that your plumbing will say in tip top shape is to get regular rooter service.  That’s where we come in.

We at Rhino Rooter have been performing rooter service in the Ogden area and throughout northern Utah for nearly 20 years.  We understand that the average homeowner doesn’t fully-understand the concept of rooter service, so allow us to explain.

What is Rooter Service?

Basically, rooter service involves cleaning your septic system and/or drains using specific tools designed to find the root of the cause of clogs, leaks and other various plumbing issues.  It involves inserting sharp and powerful blades that cut through tree roots and other encroachments that obstruct pipes causing blockages.  A long snake like tool with a blade affixed to the end is inserted to clear the blockage and then water is run through the pipes to make sure the blockage has been removed.

Rooter services should always be performed by a professional so as to not damage your drains or pipes.  Rooter service is a far more inexpensive than the alternative to ignoring your plumbing to the point of flooding and property damage.

Why is Rooter Service Important?

Tree roots are often the culprit in a lot of plumbing issues. Blockages caused by tree roots cause pressure that leads to the eventual cracking of pipes or worse, breaking your main sewer line.  Rooter service cuts through blockages and clears your lines preventing much more serious issues.

Tree roots aren’t the only reason for routine rooter service. Clogged drains are typically cause by debris like food scraps, soap scum, or hair.  Larger clogs in sewer lines can cause drainage issues throughout your home such as backed up showers, sinks, and tubs, especially when you flush your toilets or run your washing machine. Rooter service would also be needed in the unfortunate event that non-flushable item ends up causing a build-up of debris in your sewer line. 

Professional rooter service will help you save money in the long term, eliminating the need to call plumbers frequently and a thorough cleaning will keep your home sanitary, affording you a cleaner living environment. The moment you notice the slightest problem with your plumbing, waste no time in scheduling an appointment with Rhino Rooter.  We proudly serve Ogden and its surrounding towns with the best rooter service in northern Utah!

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