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Sewer Inspections: Never Neglect Them

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Our team of experts at Rhino Rooter has nearly 20 years of sewer line inspection in northern Utah.   Sewer line inspections are one thing that, as a homeowner or prospective home buyer, you should not overlook. Identifying a sewer line break or blockage can be the beginning of a larger problem for your home or your business. It is important to have a full sewer line inspection to fix and provide information of what is happening to your entire system. Allow us to explain why getting a full sewer line inspection is essential.

Why Inspect Your Sewer?

Your home’s sewer needs maintenance just like the other parts of your home. However, many homeowners don’t know much about their sewers or how to tell when they have sewer problems. Sewer issues are not always noticeable. Just because your toilet flushes and your sink drains, it doesn’t always mean that your sewer is in good working order. Sewer inspections can reveal undiscovered problems in your home’s sewer before they become severe and cause major damage. Many people opt for sewer line inspections when they are serious about buying a new home.

What Does a Sewer Inspection Involve?

Sewer inspections are done by attaching a camera to a snake line.   The snake line is then inserted into the sewer pipe and the camera captures the status of your sewer line; revealing any cracks, tree roots, blockages and other problems within the sewer.

Why are sewer inspections important?

Sewer problems are not always obvious. Just because the toilets in a house can flush and the sink drains doesn’t mean that the sewer is in good condition. Sewer inspections can reveal unknown problems in the home’s sewers before they cause big damage or become severe. It’s a good idea to get a sewer inspection done if your home is showing signs of a sewer backup or if your home has had sewer clogs in the past and you’d like to know how your sewer is doing.

Clogs can end up being serious issues that can’t be addressed with Draino. You should be aware of the signs before the backups becomes severe. You may notice that the plumbing fixtures in your home have begun to drain slowly. You may also notice that flushing the toilet may cause a backup in nearby fixtures, such as bathtubs. These are obvious signs of sewer issues and should be addressed right away.

Why Get Rhino Rooter?

Even though Utah is home to newer homes than places like New England, there is never a bad time to get a sewer inspection.  Getting sewer inspections can save you a lot of money and headaches and can prevent issues from becoming serious to the point of causing major property damage. 

Our team of experts at Rhino Rooter are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to field your call or text and address your sewer issues.  For the most in depth sewer inspections in northern Utah, contact Rhino Rooter today!

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