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Save Money with CIPP

Utah CIPP Lining Service

Plumbing issues.  Nobody has time for that.  Your sewer pipes work harder and are punished more than any other pipes in your home and you definitely don’t want those to fail you.  We, at Rhino Rooter, repair and replace sewer pipes with an amazing method call Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP).

What is CIPP?

A cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is a trenchless technology method used to repair existing pipelines, meaning that there is no invasive digging needed. The process of CIPP involves inserting and running a felt lining into a preexisting pipe that is the subject of repair. Resin within the liner is then exposed to a curing element to make it attach to the inner walls of the pipe. Once fully cured, the lining now acts as a new pipeline.

The Importance of CIPP

CIPP lining is an affordable and efficient solution to your sewer issues by improving water flow and flushing out debris, even when the existing sewer pipes are corroded or damaged.  Sometimes, CIPP lining service will leave your old sewer pipes working like brand new.  As an added bonus, when the lining is being installed and pushed into the existing pipes, it helps to dislodge and clean out debris that may have been blocking your sewer lines you never knew about.

CIPP is usually used in residential and commercial sewer pipes and water mains as a lining for fit to drink and gray water systems. It’s reliable enough for most sewer systems and can be used in industrial, municipal, and federal pipe systems to focus on sewer damage. This type of pipe lining is customizable and adaptable enough to replace just about any pipe or sewer lining currently in use.

There are certain instances where CIPP lining wouldn’t work because the older your home is, the older your pipes are.  For example, homes in New England that are hundred of years old may not be eligible for the CIPP lining procedure and would need the have complete sewer line replacement, which involves invasive digging and disruptions of the current landscape of the home.  Luckily, here in the Ogden area, CIPP lining is a feasible option for many homes as they aren’t as old, which saves you a lot of time and money.

To ensure the CIPP solution will work for your sewer pipes, our experts at Rhino Rooting will come to your property and inspect the pipe itself to determine its condition. We will examine your sewer pipes with our state-of-the-art cameras to find any areas of damage. This way, we can learn the true condition of your sewer pipes and confirm that CIPP lining is the best option to make any needed repairs.

Many times, in the Ogden area, CIPP lining service within the existing pipe is all that’s needed to get the pipe and sewer line back in good working condition. To get your assessment to determine if CIPP lining will work for you and you live in the Ogden area, be sure to call us at Rhino Rooter today!

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