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Preventative Plumbing with Rhino Rooter

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When you think of Utah, you think of the beautiful snow-capped mountains, magnificent lakes, and world class skiing and Brigham City is within reach of all it.  Brigham City lies on the western slope of the Wellsville Mountains, a branch of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains at the western terminus of Box Elder Canyon and is nestled along the east bays of the Great Salt Lake. Brigham City saw most of its growth during the 1950s and 1960s, meaning that the majority of homes there are between 60 and 70 years old.  That may not seem old compared to the typical homes of New England that can be over 100 years old, but 60-70 years is long enough for your Brigham City home to need a Brigham City Plumber.

About Us

For nearly the past two decades, we, at Rhino Rooter, have been acknowledged throughout Northern Utah to perform the best plumbing in the area.  We are a family owned and operated drain cleaning and plumbing business, who work closely together to deliver the best pipe, plumbing and customer service to all of our clients at both residential and commercial properties.

Preventative Plumbing

Taking preventative measures can save your wallet a lot of money and your psyche a lot of stress.  Our team of expert plumbers know the ins and outs of any plumbing issue and we are here to off you some tips on preventative maintenance. 

First, and foremost, NEVER throw anything other than toilet paper down your toilet. That means that you should never flush cotton swabs or balls, feminine hygiene products, or other small toiletries down the toilet. These objects are not made to breakdown the way that toilet paper does and can lead to clogs.

Additionally, what ends up going down into your sink and shower drains are also cause for concern. Nobody likes to clean after cooking a delicious, homemade meal and you may not see much harm in rising all of the leftover food down the drain, but even with a garbage disposal, pieces of food can collect over time and clog your pipes or cause your disposal system to break down. Food scraps like coffee grounds, tea leaves, and fruit of vegetable peels don’t break down well and can cause damage and you should never, ever pour cooking grease or oil down the drain as it will coagulate and cause a messy clog.

When it comes to your shower, there are two main enemies for your drain to combat; hair and soap. Over time hair can be brutal on your pipes. Hair, no matter how long, short, thin, or think, can easily cling to other each other to cause a substantial blockage.

You may not think soap can do much damage, but that’s a myth. Soap, when combined with hair clumps in your shower drain can cause slow draining, which will turn into sever clogs. The most dangerous soaps are bar soaps that are made with grease and fat, which are main ingredients in most traditional bar soaps. Use mesh guards over your drains to catch hair before it goes down and alternative soaps to cut down on soap scum buildup in your drain.

Finally, never ignore a drain problem.  They won’t go away; they’ll just get worse.  Call our experts at Rhino Rooter for a free plumbing estimate in Brigham City today!

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